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D-lite3 zeoliteD-Lite3 Zeolite Supplement

Zeolite is a negative charge volcanic mineral produce by the combination of volcanic ash and water, formed in many parts around the world. One of the most important features of this mineral and the reason why is use for detoxification is its unique negatively charge structure.

Because of its structure and the negative charge cages, zeolite is an amazing mineral capable of absorbing and adsorbing heavy metals, toxins, gases, low-level radioactive elements and a multitude of various toxic solutions that bombard our body on a daily basis and prevents us from having optimal health.

Currently there aver over 51 types of zeolite, among this group of zeolites Clipnoptilotite is specially use in zeolite supplements. Clinoptililite and its structural relatives Habazite and Heulandite (other members of the zeolite family), have great affinity to bind with many harmful compounds that come from both natural and man made sources.

D-Lite3 its a powerful zeolite supplement created by international zeolite expert, Jim Flowers to help enhance and maintain human health. D-Lite3 is the most powerful systemic detoxifier and the only zeolite supplement made with MAP3Z, a proprietary blend of 3 zeolites, clinoptilolite, chabazite and heulandite, that have been activated using the most advanced purification and ultra-micronization processes available. The zeolites in D-Lite3 have been combined with a proprietary rice wine vinegar extract and specific B- vitamins in a blend of essential nutrients to help enhance the detoxification process, and facilitate the excretion on many toxins and heavy metals that accumulate in the body.

We are bombarded with toxins every day, toxins that come from the water we drink, the air we breath, the pollution in our environment and many chemicals in the food, such as preservatives and toxins that come from inorganic food. At this point in time it’s almost impossible to avoid having contact with toxins. Instead of getting frustrated and overwhelmed with the amount of toxins that surrounds us, we must find the solution and act to protect the body.

Zeolite is nature’s perfect detoxifier and has the ability to enhance our health by cleansing the body and getting rid of heavy metals. D-Lite 3 is the best and most powerful zeolite supplement.

Heavy metal, toxins and chemicals can cause us to gain weight and experience poor health, studies also revealed that this toxins substance sit in the root for many illness such as cancer, autism and many more.

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